I am a specialist in medications

I am a companion of the physician

I am a counselor to the patient

I am a guardian of public health

I have information about virtually all the specific drugs and several facts about them.

I can prepare, compound and provide medicines and pharmaceuticals.

I sincerely attempt to keep myself abreast of current developments in my profession.

I am a counselor on the merits and demerits of different therapeutic agents.

I am the link between physician and patient and the final check on the safety of medicines.

I help the patient understand the proper use of medicaments.

I assist in the patient’s choice of nonprescription drugs or in the decision to consult the physician.

I encourage and promote sound personal health practices.

My professional services are available to all at all times.

I obey the laws governing the practice of pharmacy and support their enforcement.

This is my calling. This is my pride.

We are the Pharmacists of India.  We are the backbone of Indian Health System.  Pharmacy Act gives power only to us to handle medicines.


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